Captain America Hails Hydra: No Spoilers Here!


I must say how very _______________ we are about the new Captain America book by Nick Spencer.  We are so ___________ that we can’t stand it anymore!  We have to shout it from the roof tops, “Captain America is a ______________ _____________!”  Now, we all know that this can’t really _____________ that long.  The idea that __________ has been ______________ this whole time about his true _________________ just seems _________________ and _________________.  But, on the other hand, did you see how he _________________ at ________________ that one time when he __________________ the __________________ and ______________________ ___________________ __________________ with his gun?  Plus, the man has a __________________ on his __________________.  Soooooo, what does that __________________ you?  I mean, _______________ ______________________ ___________________ ______________________ ______________________ and his ________________ mother____________________ the________________________ black hair_________________________ because __________________ has jowls that __________________her ______________________ old as ____________________.  Whew!  I’m glad we got that off our chest!

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  • I completely agree with the caller that may or may not be me. The Twelve was a good series. JMS couldn’t finish the series because he was busy writing what would become the Superman story with possibly the most disdain ever. And anyone who writes that horribly for DC should get more respect from Marvel fans.

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