Marvel Comics Solicitations February 2017 Highlights

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Marvel has just released their February 2017 Solicitations and we’ve got the highlights right here!


-Kingpin will get his first ever ongoing series! The mastermind of crime is back and ready to be play a legitimate role in the Big Apple.


-Avengers #4 sees the beginning of Kang War IV!


-SHIELD is getting a brand new boss in Captain America: Steve Rogers #11!


-This Champions #5 variant is AWESOME!!


-The Clone Conspiracy comes to an end! Marvel says this will be the issue folks will be talking about for YEARS….clone2016005-cov


-Mac Gargan returns as The Scorpion in Venom #4!


-Richard Rider also returns in Nova #3!


-Rocket Raccoon #3 brings us Rocket Raccoon vs Kraven The Hunter. Nuff said.


-Old Man Logan #18 is listed as “The Epic Conclusion.” Has Old Man Logan (the best selling X-Title) been cancelled?