Behold The Blue and Gold: It’s Like Home All Over Again – Episode #104

Some people didn’t think it was a good idea to bring back the two different teams.  I mean, we’ve had the Schism.  We know what that’s all about.  We had the hatred and the two teams working against each other.  But you know what we haven’t had yet?  We haven’t had the original X-Men all backn on the same team in quite some time.  (But that’s not the original team.)  Sure it is.  There’s Iceman, Angel, Cyclops, Jean and who is that other one?  The super mad one that doesn’t care about killing or sending people to hell?  (WHOA!  SPOILER ALERT MUCH?)  I don’t even know what that means, man.  The guy that was all big and bulky and skin-colored and sorta hairy?  (Yeah, that’s the Beast.)  No it isn’t.  I’m talking about the guy that traveled into the future with the original X-Men.  He is really smart and likes Jean…?  (Yeah…”The Beast!”)  No, the fleshy colored guy.  (I’m telling you that’s the Beast.  He hasn’t mutated yet.)  Wait, what?  Why is he on a team of mutants then?  (What do you mean?)  If he isn’t a mutant, then why does he fight on their team?  (He’s a mutant.)  You just said he hadn’t mutated yet.  How is he a mutant if he hadn’t mutated yet?  (No, no…he hasn’t got the fur yet.)  Oh, you mean his Grant Morrison secondary mutation, got it.  (No, that’s the cat thing.)  The cat thing?  You mean Tigra?  I didn’t see her in this comic!!!!  Holy Cow!  She’s in here??  I have to find my book.  Hold on!  (Geezum.)

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