Give Me Some Good News – Episode #107

Stop Your Grousing!
Did you ever think that you would hear the day that we actually say that Dan Slott is doing a great job with my favorite character Spider-Man?  Well, today you aren’t necessarily going to hear it either.  But now, now…let’s be honest–I am impressed.  It’s not terrible.  Actually the Clone Conspiracy has been refreshing.  Sure it is still very outlandish, but it has kind of brought Spidey back to where he was before.  (Duh, he’s doing a clone story.)  You’re right.  We really can’t seem to get away from that with this character, can we?  Not sure why that is exactly, but at least he’s not out around the world doing Iron Man things!  (But he is.  He is going to cities that have Spider-Cycles hidden around the world.)  Just leave me alone, okay?  Can’t I have one moment’s worth of peace?  I want to like Spider-Man.  Just let me do that!  I mean, your baby X-Men aren’t doing that hot either!  (HOW DARE YOU!!!! YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN’T BRING THAT UP!!)

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