Way Too Political with this Cap – Episode #108

It’s All About the Politics, Baby!
We saw this coming from a mile away.  Cap is evil.  We knew it.  We all knew it to be true.  How could we ever see anything different?  This man is pure hatred.  The way he wields that giant shield with the star on it.  How he can’t stand freedom.  How he can’t stand people who even like freedom.  He even hates every single person that ever wanted to vote in their school’s homecoming dance election.  It’s really tough to hold that much hate inside.  That’s why there are now two of them.  That’s right.  Two.  Two Captain Americas.  One of them is gaunt and not fun-looking, but the other one is happy and smiling.  Well…not really.  He was really unhappy when he saw evil Cap.  I have to admit, I’m a little confused about what even is going on with this story.

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