Crypto Catchup – Episode #112

Riding this Wave!



Don’t get me wrong–I love doing the podcast.  Oh, it’s great.  But sometimes…just sometimes…our personal lives get in the way.  Kids, jobs, sickness, bitcoin, they all force us to take up valuable comic talk time to discuss our friendship and lives.  Ridiculous, I know.  I tell Jarid all the time, “Listen, I hate you.  I am not interested in how much money you are making with that crypto-currency scam or how amazing your hair looks or how ripped your tan muscles are.”  And you know what?  He gets it.  He tells me, “Listen, Andy, I hate you.  I’m not interested in your awesome family, your health, your job, your petrifying fear of melting ice cream, or your adventure with the farm.”  And that’s fine.  You know, it’s just how it is.  We try to minimize the crazy “friendship” stuff to the bare minimum, so we can get down to what really and truly matters in our lives: comics.  I don’t think you guys understand; I NEED to know what is happening with Bendis and Spider-Man.  Who will be writing Miles Morales?  How will they wrap up Jessica Jones?  How much longer will we all have to suffer through Dan Slott’s amazing run on Amazing Spider-Man?  These are life-changing things.  When your kids get old enough to read comics as an adult, you will be able to say that you were there during the historic changes in Marvel.  JMS had left, Quesada had left and a nation was divided.  But CB…that’s right, CB the savior of Marvel came and made sweeping changes.  Voyager returned for goodness sake!!!!  The long lost Avenger!  That’s right fellow travelers.  Stand by us in these winds of change.  Stand for what really matters!  (Oh brother…) Shut up!!

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