Pho Thanksgiving: Is this really how we are going to remember him? Episode #118

Stan Lee was part of the most important creative tandem in the history with Jack Kirby. Lee was writer, Kirby was artists, and their partnership produced the x?men, fantastic four, thor, hulk, magneto, the silver surfer and scores of other characters that have reached the movie screen or will soon. He is pictured here signing poster for an upcoming exhibit in his Beverly Hills office Sept. 15, 09.  (Photo by Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

The world has truly had a big loss this past month.  But still we are called to a time of Thanksgiving.  We are grateful and thankful for the time that we have here on this planet with the greats.  Through the times we spend with those we love, with those that create and those that inspire us, we are can take heart and live to impact others in the same way that we have been impacted.  True Believers, let us not become weary in doing good.  But rather, let us be motivated by those that have come before.  They have fought the good fight and have paved the way for greatness.  Through the stories that have made us reach for the stars, we can turn to the next generation and do the same.  Create and inspire.  Remember that with Great Power also comes Great Responsibility.  It is now our turn to become the hero.  You will be missed, Stan.  Excelsior!

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