Far From House of X: Hell May Have Frozen Over! Episode #123

I’ll admit, it seems like we never quite agree on things.  There is always that little bit of difference when it comes to…well, everything.  This one guy loves mindless action, and that other dude loves mind-numbing dialog.  Why can’t we just get along and all like the exact same thing?  (Wouldn’t that be boring though?)  You would think, but just last week Sam Gillespie from Campus Security and I agreed on every single thing that we were talking about.  (Campus Security…who in the world is Sam Gillespie?)  Oh, well it’s not the shortest story, but basically I found out that some colleges and universities have their own actual police force while others are just “security.”  (Uhhh, whatever…what were you guys discussing that you agreed on?)  All sorts of things!  We are like twinsies!!!  He told me that it’s actually illegal to roam around at night knocking on windows with nothing but a bright orange ski mask and long-john underwear.  Naturally, I agreed with him.  I mean, who would think it’s okay, ‘maright?  (Wait…were you doing that?)  That’s besides the point, man!  You are missing the big picture.  (I don’t think I am, I’m tryin–)  My point is that it DEFINITELY was NOT boring!!

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