The New Status Quo: The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives! Episode #124

It’s been a while.  (Yes, it has.)  So…You forgive me?  (Nothing to forgive, my friend.)  Well, good….because I’m moving to Africa.  (WHAT?!?!?!)  Yes, there’s a missionary hospital over in a country called Togo.  I’m (Andy) going over there to be a teacher in a one-room school house.  (Wait, stop.  Are you serious?)  Yeah, man.  (Why didn’t you tell me?!?!  Did you think I’d be mad?)  No, no!!  Nothing like that.  I was afraid you would want to come with me.  (WHAT!!!)  No offense, but I’m just so tired of you outshining me all the time.  I mean, you know way more about comics and the X-Men than I do.  (True.)  And you are just so good looking.  (Also true.)  And you just smell soooo good.  (Ummm….)  And your hair is really soft.  (Okay, okay…you can stop.)  And your backrubs are amazing.  At least I assume they are with those strong hands.  (STOP!! STOP!!….You know, maybe you going to Africa really isn’t that bad of an idea for a while.)

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