Annihilation of the Future: 2099? That late already? Episode #125

Now is the season to start looking to the future.  However…it seems like 80 years in the future is a bit much.  Am I right?  (Well, see, it’s figurative.  Like it’s 80 years in the future and it’s been 80 years since the first Marvel comics came out…so…)  Exactly!  I’m glad you know what I’m talking about.  I resolve to never let my social score drop more than 238 points in a single act of violence.  (…I don’t think we are on the same page.  What exactly are you doing?)  I’m making my New Year’s Resolution.  I resolve to never let a magical wizard that’s a girl take up residence in my head for all the rest of my years.  (I’m seriously trying to bite my tongue, but I can’t–not anymore.  Do you think that Marvel’s 2099 current storyline is–like–the company’s New Year’s Resolutions or something?)  That’s what I was told, yes.  (By whom?)  What?  (Who told you that?)  OH!  I that you said “Buy Broom.”  (No, no.  “By whom?”)  I see…it’s like a metaphor.  (Yeah, it is…but who told you that it was a New Year’s Resolution?)  I hereby solemnly swear that I resolve to “Buy Broom” for the next 80 years.  I will continue to clean up my life.  I will not let the dust and dirt of my kitchen floors sully the soul of my feet.  (Holy cow….forget it.)

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