Marvel Presents: The DC Universe

By Nick Taylor

You might be looking over the title and thinking “Did I misread something?”  No, but the title is misleading (or is it?) as currently this is just a heavily discussed rumor right now.  We’re not here to talk about rumors or in the rumor business but we are here to discuss the CREDIBILITY of said rumor.  Get ready – cause this one is wild!

According to the Black Knight, a fairly accurate scooper at Lords of the Long Box, suggests there is more to the current news about Dan DiDio than what the average gossip site is saying.  In case you are unfamiliar with Dan DiDio, he is the former Publisher for DC Comics or as they are called at The M6P, the Distinguished Competition.  Recently he “resigned” but it isn’t really clear as to whether he was fired or he left on his own.  Numerous outlets like Variety and Deadline are making these reports along with the usual gossip comic book sites.  Now things are about to get crazy.

Marvel doesn’t always claim the number one spot each month for highest selling comic book. Many times, DC has the honor of being on top.  A Batman or Superman title is often the top monthly selling comic.  However, do you know what publisher typically dominates the rest of the top ten selling comics for the month?  Marvel.  If DC isn’t number one, it’s usually, say it with me, Marvel.   Here comes the rumor – stay with me.  We’re hearing AT&T (the owner of DC Comics) is not very impressed with recent DC output, and they were really unimpressed by 5G (the next big DC reboot).  AT&T considered getting movie and tv writers to take over writing DC Comics to ensure more compelling stories were being told, using JJ Abrams as a prime example of a movie and tv writer being able to write a very interesting fresh take on Spider-Man.  However for reasons unknown, they decided not to do so because a better idea came to them.  What if we have Marvel take over DC Comics?

Are you are losing your collective minds right now?  AT&T would sell the comic rights over to Disney while AT&T/ Warner Bros. would retain film and tv rights for the DC properties.  Marvel would be writing DC Comics. This would be insane.  Said scooper also adds that this negotiation is still in the works but has been going for months.  Further adding flame to the fire is Marvel characters being teased in Doomsday Clock and DC characters being teased in Thor.   DC and Marvel would remain separate from each other but there’d be a much larger chance of crossovers and characters jumping from one universe to the other.  Think Miles Morales jumping from Ultimate Universe to the 616, or Angela from Image Comics Spawn to showing up in Marvel titles like Guardians of The Galaxy and Thor.
I said it was crazy!

Nick Taylor enjoys all things Marvel and like many got his first taste from Pryde of the X-Men which changed his life forever. He’s written for Rotten Tomatoes, Comic Booked, Gaming History 101, and was part of the short lived Rotten Tomatoes Show.