Comic Collecting 101

Collecting Marvel comics. There’s nothing like it. Believe it or not, there’s really no right or wrong way to go about things when it comes to getting into comic books. With that said, there are a few basic principles which are always a good idea to follow. With so many different Marvel titles out there, know where to even begin is often one of the most daunting tasks of them all. But rest easy 616’ers! We’ve decided to help make things a bit easier by creating this handy dandy guide to comic book collecting. (One more thing: This page is in a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or tips you would like to offer feel free to send us them for review!)

Where to Find Comics

So where do you go to find comics you ask?

The Wonderful World Wide Web

Thankfully, the odds are if you’re reading this then you were born during the digital age meaning you now have the luxury of being able to use the Internet in your search.  Now we have great sites like Ebay, Craigslist and more we can use to help aid in our search for our favorite Marvel titles. Even more, three are a ton of online stores out there where you can purchase comics at. One of the 616’s very own sponsors provides some of the best rates around when it comes to ordering comics online –

Go to a Expo! 

That’s right. One of the best places (and most fun) to go search for comics is at your comic-con event. These days, comic-cons or comic expos are held regularly and nearly every big city has one! This is also a great place to make future contacts as well.

comicbookstoreFind a Store!

Sure, being able to find comics online is great and convenient, there is still nothing out there quite like stepping foot into a local comic book shop. In fact, most comic book shops offer a file system which means you can have all the titles you enjoy ready to go for you waiting every week. Don’t forget, the best part of visiting a comic store is the atmosphere! Stepping foot into a comic book store is like stepping foot into another world. It’s one of these few moments as a collector where you are truly in your environment. So basically, have some fun with this.

Storing your Books

Before diving into this some tips on how to store books, it’s important to remember every collector has their own unique way of storing their collection. Much of how you plan to store them will be determined by things like how much space you have to work with, where you’re going to put them and more. Using the classic comic long boxes is always a great way to avoid having books laying over your house. It’s always an easy way to file your books by using dividers. I try to contain all similar titles in the same box. Also, since the boxes are easily stack-able it’s no problem finding room to tuck them away in a closet out of the way. One final thing, I usually keep on long box open at all times where I place all new titles until I’m able to file them away in their prospective box.

Protecting Your Books

Comic Book SuppliesI bag and board every comic I buy…hands down! A large part of this is because I like to keep them all looking nice (and I might be a bit OCD) but even more than that, as a collector – be proud of it! One thing to keep in mind when buying comic book sleeves is there are multiple sizes to choose from. What size you need depends on the age of your comics. For instance, there are different size sleeves for the Golden, SIlver, Bronze and Modern ages of comics. Always consult your comic book dealer or an online source when trying to verify what age your comic came from.