Jarid’s Collecting Tips

What can I say?


I love me some Marvel action figures and memorabilia. My two favorite lines are Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe, but typically if it’s Marvel, I’ll collect it. However, many times it’s hard to find the figures I want! Maybe the same has happened for you? I’ll let you in on my tips for making the most of your collection and tell you how I get all the toys I want!

1) Fill up the gas tank and head out!


One of the best ways to find stuff is to get in your car and head to the store. Target is typically the best place to work on your Marvel collection. WalMart is hit or miss and Toys R Us is way overpriced. However, Walmart.com often carries more stock online. Target.com will also let you check out if they have a certain series of figures at your local store without even leaving your house. Every once in awhile you might get lucky by checking out a Meijer, Barnes and Noble, or Books A Million.

2) TheFwoosh


They are not a sponsor, they’re just amazing! TheFwoosh.com is an amazing resource to use when looking for figures. They provide excellent forums with people all of the world looking to help one another out in finding their figures. There’s a trading/selling forum too and I’ve made friends with many on the forum. They also will let you know when an item has been spotted and if it’s in your area. A forum poster also works for Marvel Select and keeps you updated with the latest Select and Minimates releases.


3) eBay

Sometimes a scalper’s heaven and sometimes the holy grail of good prices! I use eBay to sometimes save on gas money. Does it make sense to spend $20 in gas driving all over town or just spend an extra $10 on the figure on eBay? You have to decide. Also search for common misspellings. Type “Sentinal” instead of “Sentinel.” Try “Avengesr” instead of “Avengers”. You’ll be surprised at some of the deals you’ll find.

images4) Network

Ask your friends and fellow collectors to keep an eye out for that figure you want. I told Gary Chambless I was looking for a figure. Not a day later he sends me a message that he found it – in Louisiana! Scratch each others backs and keep an eye out for one another.


5) Conventions

If you have a comic book or toy convention coming to town, go check it out. I’ve purchased many, MANY action figures from conventions and they’re a great place to haggle too. Along with conventions, flea markets, garage sales, etc often have secret treasures. You can also check out this great website to see if one is coming to your area – ConventionScene.com.


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6) Expect what you want

People get what they expect – it’s just the truth. Expect good things. Expect that you’re going to find what you want! Try it out, it’ll happen!