616 Interviews – Werewolf By Night

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I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with the Werewolf by Night at noon. A conversation on the metaphysical ramifications of turning into a raging beast at night and what that does to one’s psyche quickly deteriorated.

Marvel 616 Politics: I’m glad you were able to make it today, and not in your wolf form. May I call you something else besides Werewolf By Night?

Werewolf By Night: My name is Jack Russell. You can call me Jack.

M6P: Seriously?

WBM: What?

M6P: You’re name is seriously “Jack Russell?”

WBM: Yes. What’s wrong with that?

M6P: You’ve got to be kidding me!

WBM: What’s wrong with the name “Jack Russell?”

M6P: Did a gypsy tell your parents to name you that?

WBM: What? No.

M6P: That’s some messed up serendipity, Jack.

WBM: What are you going on about?

M6P: You’re name is a pun, and a bad pun at that.

WBM: Huh?

M6P: “Jack Russell” as in a Jack Russell Terrier…and you’re a werewolf.

WBM: Oh. I never made the connection. And I believe that would be Irony, not a pun.

M6P: Really? I don’t care. Wow. Okay, sorry to get off track. You were here to plug your new product. What’d you bring for us?

WBM: I’ve created my own line of man sized pee pads.

M6P: Whelp, that’s all the time for today. I’d like to thank Jack Russell for joining us. We’re going to work on a new name for him, but I hope you join us next time for 616 Interviews.