If It Was A Movie…X-Factor

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By Adam Williams

Adam Williams was so inspired by Kevin’s McVicker’s “If It Were A Movie..X-Factor Investigations” that he wanted to give his own take on the 90’s version of X-Factor. After a shouting match, 3 wedgies, and multiple noogies, Kevin gave Adam permission to hijack his feature.


Forge – Adam Beach


Havok – Chris Zylka


Polaris – Amber Heard

qq moviepolaris

Quicksilver – Ian Somerhalder

qqqq moviequicksilver

Multiple Man – George Eads

qqqqq moviemultipleman

Strong Guy – Domenik Lombardozzi

qqqqqq moviestrongguy

Wolfsbane – Faune A. Chambers

wolf "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" Los Angeles Premiere

Random – Gerald Butler

qqqqqqq movierandom

Mr. Sinister – James Ransone

qqqqqqqq moviesinister

Apocalypse – Kevin Nash (voiced by Ving Rhames with slight FX

qqqqqqqqq movieapocalypse