The Runaways Run Away to Battleworld

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The Runaways are back!

Though it’s been 6 years since they’ve had their own title, Marvel’s young group of misfits will be returning for Secret Wars. Noelle Stevenson (Thor Annual) will be writing the adventures of the Runaways during their time on Battleworld.

The series won’t take place in one of the ‘areas’ of Battleworld but rather in the capital city. Various characters from the Marvel Universe will be found in the city as the group interacts with everyone. The book will be a combination of battles from the Hunger Games and a school like the Xavier Institute.

The exact roster has not been revealed but promo art for Bucky, Skaar, Jubilee, Cloak, Dagger, Amadeus Cho and a new character Sanna has been revealed.

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