Spider-Man To Be Revealed As An Inhuman

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Did anyone else think it was odd that Marvel was releasing a team up with the Inhumans, Captain America, and Spider-Man? What a strange combination. Today, we know the reason why; Spider-Man is being retconned into being an Inhuman.

The hints were dropped in last month’s “Amazing Spider-Man Special #1″ and the story will continue in “Inhuman Special #1” and “All-New Captain America#1.” Sources are saying (like we didn’t already know) that when Spider-Man is introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, gone will be the long drawn out ‘bitten by a radioactive spider’ origin. Peter Parker will be revealed as an Inhuman which will need to line up with the 616 Universe.

Many fans are outraged but with comic buyers being a much smaller number than movie goers, it seems as though Marvel is going to do what it wants. The positive side will be that we won’t have to have ANOTHER Spider-Man origin movie; the MCU version of Spidey will already have his powers and the story can keep going.

What do you think about this revelation?