M6P #87: All-New, All-Different Tinas

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A State of Shock Doesn’t Even Cover It!

Sometimes you have to wonder what the Marvel gods are thinking.  I know I go to bed at night hoping that next Wednesday will be better than this Wednesday.  I usually don’t make it a habit to pray to any single creator–and I know that we shouldn’t love properties more than people–but I have to confess: dear Slott, god of all things Spidey, let not though torment my soul.  I know that thouest makest me thankful for what small pittance I shall receiveth from thee…but please bringeth me thine own new creation of Spider-Man.  Dost thou takest pleasure in thine meddling of mine favorite being?  Fear not, True Believers!  For the elder god shall come and spite him that outstretches his hand of wanton destruction.  May Joephisto rain down his veangence upon the lesser creators.  Rise up Joephisto!  Rise up and ascend to the mount of thine throne!  Be thou not afeared, for my wringing hands and steadfast spirit long for thee…and thee alone!  (sheesh, can’t you just say you wish for the good old days?)

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