To My King Luke Cage

Have you seen this new Luke Cage show?  It’s amazing!  That’s what we discuss here.  The whole thing.  Well…not the whole show.  I mean, yes, our whole show, but not the whole Luke Cage show.  Why?  Because I haven’t seen … Continued

616 Releases and Covers (04/29/2015)

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MARVEL COMICS FEB150810 ALL NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #6 $3.99 FEB150705 AVENGERS #44 TRO $4.99 FEB150780 DAREDEVIL #15 $3.99 FEB150796 FANTASTIC FOUR #645 $5.99 FEB150671 INHUMAN #14 $3.99 FEB150691 MAX RIDE FIRST FLIGHT #2 $3.99 FEB150813 MOON KNIGHT #14 $3.99 FEB150709 … Continued

M6P #68: Apologies and Disappointments

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  By Andy Kirby We all have them I can honestly say that I’m discouraged.  I mean it.  I’m saddened by the state of affairs that I have witnessed and speculate to witness in the near and long-term future of … Continued