Costume Catastrophe: Dr. Doom


Since 1962, Dr. Doom has been one of the most feared villains in the Marvel Universe when he debuted in Fantastic Four #5. His costume has become iconic, and stayed virtually the same for forty years. When Marvel decided to give Victor Von Doom a makeover in 2003, it didn’t go over very well.


The story surrounding the costume is one of the best Doom stories ever written. Victor Von Doom wondered what his life would be like if he dedicated himself to magic, instead of science. He made a deal with a group of demons known as the Haazarath Three. All he had to do was track down his one true love, Valeria, and sacrifice her to the demons. In return, he would gain magical abilities that far surpassed the power that his technology had provided him. When Dr. Doom found Valeria, he convinced her to take his hand in love, and when she did, her flesh was ripped from her body and became Doom’s new armor. In this edition of costume catastrophe, we’ll examine that armor.


  • First of all, let’s keep in mind that he’s wearing another person. Dr.Doom puts Leatherface to shame with this outfit. In addition to being gross, it raises a lot of questions. What are these glowing red symbols all over the costume? What do they mean? Honestly, it looks like Jinxie, the devil-kitty got into the closet where Doom stores his skin costumes. Doom should not tolerate this.


  • What’s holding this ultra powerful demon armor that replaced Dr.Doom’s classic look? Rope. I’m sure it’s demon rope, but demon rope just sounds like a delicious cinnamon licorice. A costume held together by rope; Doom should not tolerate this.



  • If you’re Michael Jordan or LeBron James a good pair of high tops is exactly what you need to move around the court. If you’re trying to take over the world , and you want to strike fear into the heart of man by displaying your newfound mystical prowess, you might want to ditch the sneakers. Doom should not tolerate this.


  • Doom’s wearing his underwear outside of his costume. We’ve seen this before in Costume Catastrophe, but not at this level. The man is wearing his dead girlfriend’s skin as underwear for the whole world to see. Dr. Doom has committed some truly heinous acts over the last fifty years of being a comic book supervillain, but this might be the worst. Doom should definitely not tolerate this.



Luckily for us, Doom did not tolerate this costume for very long. After the events of the Unthinkable storyline Dr. Doom returned to his classic duds. He hasn’t changed them much since then, except for adding too much bleach to his laundry. In the grand scheme of things that’s not so bad.


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