Top 10 Captain Americas!

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Hello and Happy 4th of July!

Today we have a very fitting top 10 Tuesday to celebrate the birth of the greatest nation in the world. We are ranking the top 10 men and women to wear the mantle of Captain America!


 10. Jeffrey Mace

Also known as the original Patriot, Jeffrey Mace was the third person to wield the shield of Captain America, taking up the stars and stripes shortly after William Naslund was killed, and carrying the mantle through 1950.

9. Frank Castle

As a marine, Castle had always respected Captain America. In the 616 he wore the uniform briefly after the first Civil War. There are also alternate realities in which Frank Castle is Captain America.

8. Danielle Cage

In an alternate future the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones leads the Avengers as Captain America. Not much is known about this version of Cap, but she is an effective leader and well regarded by her teammates.

 7. William Naslund

Originally known as the Spirit of 76, Naslund was asked by Harry Truman himself to be the Sentinel of Liberty. Naslund died saving the life of a young John F. Kennedy.

  6. John Walker

John Walker eagerly accepted the chance to represent America after Steve Rogers resigned. He was given the costume and shield by the government while Rogers became The Captain. Walker proved to be overzealous and xenophobic, and he eventually switched costumes with the Captain, becoming the U.S.Agent.

  5. Isaiah Bradley

Bradley was an unwilling participant in the government’s attempts to recreate the super soldier serum. He would only wear the costume once to prevent German scientists from recreating the serum, and he was thrown in jail for his efforts.

4. Peggy Carter

In an alternate reality Peggy Carter is the one who gets the shield, serum and costume. Even though she calls herself Captain Carter, she comes in as our #4 Captain America.

3. James Bucky Barnes

Bucky wasn’t back from the dead for too long when Steve Rogers was seemingly killed by Crossbones. Bearing a shinier costume and carrying a pistol, he took up the role that his best friend had played for so long.

2. Sam Wilson

As the Falcon Sam Wilson was Steve Rogers longest running partner. The two had been on countless missions together, and when Steve became too old for the physicality the job required, he passed the role on to his partner Sam.

1.Steven Grant Rogers

Who else could be #1? Steve Rogers was a scrawny kid who only wanted to fight for his country. After receiving the super-soldier serum, he helped the Allies in WW2 until he was frozen in ice. He continued to defend the nation and the world for over 50 years since being thawed from the ice, never giving up on his dream, the American dream.

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