M6P #91: Deadpool’s Reading List

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Life’s an Adventure – Eat All the Apples!

Well, we finally did it!  That’s right!  We finally have a rated R comic book movie!  WOOHOO!!!  (Hey, wasn’t Punisher rated R?)  Oh…um…yeah, but that was in the 90’s.  (Wasn’t Watchmen and V for Vendetta rated R also?)  That’s not Marvel, son!  (Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Blade rated R too?)  What do I look like WIKIPEDIA?!?!  (And Blade 2 and Blade Trinity…)  Holy Cow, man!!!  What’s the big deal?  Okay-Okay!  We finally have a rated R Deadpool movie!  I think you’ve effectively taken the fun out of the whole thing.  (What do you mean?  You still get to enjoy the actual movie, right?!?)  Oh shut your mouth…….it’s not that good.  (Oh.  Kinda makes you wonder what it’s all for.)

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