Costume Catastrophe: Daredevil


Matt Murdock is a lot of things, a lawyer, a supehero, a sharp dresser (most of the time). Like many of today’s readers, Matt went through a phase called “the nineties”. It affected every superhero and super-heroine. Guys like Spider- Man, Captain America, and even Hawkeye all broke out in armor. Daredevil was not immune to the armor plague of ’93. In this edition of costume catastrophe we’ll take a look at his 90’s armor, but be warned this is not an article for small children or anyone with a weak stomach.


There it is. Are you still with us? You are as brave a soul as the man without fear himself. This costume is probably the reason people figured out that Daredevil was blind. It’s a special kind of ugly isn’t it?

daredevil side

Here’s a side view. Notice, the armor is all on the side. Was Daredevil doing a lot of cartwheels into his enemies at the time? If you are going to wear armor you should probably wear it in the front of your costume, because that’s usually where bad guys aim their bullets and such.


Here is a picture of the back of Daredevils armor. It all makes sense now. That’s not armor at all – that so called armor suit is actually Ultron. He must have been storing his extra parts on Daredevil until he could rebuild himself.


I Google searched “the most beautiful picture in the world” and this is what came up. I felt I owed it to you brave reader, for suffering through those horrific images, your eyes needed a cleanse. Go now and rest, we will never speak of armored Daredevil again.


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