Top 10 Tuesday: Marvel Gadgets, Tools, and Weapons


There are a ton of cool gadgets, tools, and weapons in the Marvel Universe, but which ones are the top ten? Look no further than bellow for the answer to that questions!

But first a few honorable mentions which came so close to making the list:

Silver Sufer’s Board

Serpent Crown

Absorbing Man’s Ball and Chain

Wrecker’s Crowbar

Spider-Man’s Web Shooters


#10 – Doctor Octopus’ Tentacles

For all of us “portly” nerds out in the world who wanted superpowers, it turns out all you need are a few extra metal appendages. Sure those appendages won’t protect you from all the times you get punched in the face by Spider-Man (which is so many it’ll end up contributing to your death), but hey, you’ll almost marry his very attractive aunt. Oh yeah.

#9 – Magik’s Soulsword

596518-x_infernus_1bThis sword was forged by Illyana while she was trapped in Limbo using her very essence. With that being said, it is a living and evolving object with powerful magic defenses. While she could chop you to pieces (and deep down she probably really does want to do that) she’ll just defend you from demonic forces.

#8 – The Mandarin’s Rings

One man holds the power of ice, mind control, electricity, fire, light/gravity, darkness, disintegration, vortex, concussive force, and matter rearrangement. That man is the Mandarin thanks to his ten alien rings. Since you were thinking it – everything after disintegration is overkill.

#7 – Iron Man’s Armor

How is a super wealthy man supposed to become superhero? Does he train and hone his body and mind over decades to become the world’s greatest fighter and sleuth? No! That’s a silly idea. He just builds an awesome suit of amazing technology and metal! That’s how it’s done.

#6 – Captain America’s Shield

While far from the most powerful object on this list, there are very few objects as synonymous with their owner as Cap’s shield. Made of a vibranium/adamantium alloy, this discus of defense has been a character staple for over 75 years.

#5 – Eye of Agamotto

Doctor Strange’s most powerful artifact (of which he has many) is the Eye of Agamotto, also known as The All-Seeing Eye. It can see through all illusions and disguises, it can reconstruct the past for the bearer, and can instigate a form of mind control. As it is an emblem of white magic it can also weaken those who are evil. It’s also pretty cool looking for a bolo tie.

#4 – Destroyer

A mystical and impervious Uru suit of armor was made to store the energy of the gods in order to fight off the Celestials. Do you want to second guess its place on this list? Foolish mortal.

#3 – Ultimate Nullifier

What does it do? Maybe destroy the universe? Maybe just destroy a planet? Maybe nothing? Why don’t we know? So far no one is stupid enough to use one of these devices to find out. However, it did make Galactus turn tail and flee from the Earth, so it’s vague possibilities aside it is worthy still of this list.

#2 – Mjölnir

How many of you were waiting on the Thor movie just so you’d know how to finally pronounce that word? I’ll be the first to raise my hand. However, a silly Nordic name doesn’t diminish the awesome might of the God of Thunder’s hammer.

#1 – Infinity Gauntlet

Of course this is number one. Of course. No argument. Well, you could argue against this being number one, but the wielder of this omnipotent mitten would just wish you out of existence.


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