Top 10 Captain Americas!

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Hello and Happy 4th of July! Today we have a very fitting top 10 Tuesday to celebrate the birth of the greatest nation in the world. We are ranking the top 10 men and women to wear the mantle of … Continued

Fresh Start: Trying The Number Ones! – Episode #115

Now? Now, Andy? Now you are appreciating Dan Slott’s Spider-Man? He’s got one issue left until Nick Spencer jumps on the book. (Well, you know what they say, “They cut down all the trees and they constructed a bunch of … Continued

Top 10 Tuesday: Plots We Want If Disney Purchases Fox Studios

Rumor abound online, whether editorials printed as facts, misleading and manipulated data, or just outright falsehoods. It was with trepidation we probably all read the report that Disney was looking to buy Fox Studios, the movie studio portion of the … Continued