Our 100th Episode!!


We Finally Made It!

We have arrived.  It’s been 7 long years, but now we have achieved our very own 100 episodes of Marvel goodness.  Thank you all for the fun and support.  We love our listeners and hope to continue to bring you many, many more episodes.  You have been with us through thick and thin and have encouraged us and made us laugh.  Thank you and a hardy FAAAAAANNTASTIC to you all!  (Now seems like a good time to stop being all lovey-dovey!)  I’m not being lovey-dovey; I’m thanking our listners!  (You are pandering to the fans!  I call “fan-service” on that!)  Are you dense?  Thanking our loyal listeners and friends is not “fan-service.”  (LALALALALALALA!!!  I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!! LALALALALALA!!)  Oh, real mature!  Good luck finding another co-host!  I’ve had to put up with 100 episodes of this!  Remember the time you made me act like Professor X in your amazing role-play segment?!?!  Do you know the ridicule I had to endure?  (LALALALALALA FINGERS IN MY EARS! FINGERS IN MY EARS!)  That’s it, I’m done.

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