We’re In The Endgame Now: Oh The Tears! Episode #121

There’s been a lot of talk about this movie called “Endgame.”  I’ve heard it’s a big deal, but I’m not sure why exactly.  Why in the world would Marvel stop making movies?  I mean, aren’t they making money?  Why give … Continued

Events, Events, Events: Vox Is Just So Cool! Episode #116

Have you ever just loved a new character so much, you didn’t care if he was a good guy or a bad guy?  I mean, have you seen this Vox guy?  He’s amazing, right?  Sure the writing isn’t too hot, … Continued

Infinity War: We Could Go On Forever – Episode #114

  My head is spinning. I can’t even get words together to form sentences right now. We watched the movie, we talked about the movie…but really…didn’t we just live the movie? Also…I think we are living it now and everyday … Continued

Our 100th Episode!!

We Finally Made It! We have arrived.  It’s been 7 long years, but now we have achieved our very own 100 episodes of Marvel goodness.  Thank you all for the fun and support.  We love our listeners and hope to … Continued

New Battleworld Zones Revealed For Marvel’s Secret Wars!

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Marvel has slowly been released descriptions of various zones on Battleworld. Today however, a large amount of information was quietly revealed on their website! We’ve got the run-down on the zones that have been revealed for the upcoming Secret Wars! … Continued

Marvel Event Teasers – Let’s Play Catch Up!

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We take it for granted sometimes (often with hatred) that every year we will see an event which will attempt to change the face of the Marvel Universe altogether. This is still a relatively new concept at Marvel. Only since … Continued