Black Panther is Fresh 2 Death – Episode #113



Did you see that movie? It was AMAZING! (Well, it wasn’t AMAZING. It was really good.) What are you talking about? Didn’t you see it?!? It was hands down, the best Marvel movie that they’ve ever made! (What makes you say that?) Didn’t you see it? Weren’t you watching? (Yeah, I saw it. It was alright.) Alright!?!? Are you kidding me right now? It was the greatest movie of our time, and so important to our lost culture! (The movie about the cat guy and the metal stuff?) YES! It will go down in history as a classic film that all other films will be measured against! (I just want to make sure I understand you…the movie we just saw with the flying hover jets, the man with the arm cannon, where they drink the purple juice, and that has the cg cougars in the tree of purpleness?) DID WE EVEN WATCH THE SAME MOVIE!!!! (Meh, it was a 6 and a half.) I’LL KILL YOU!!!! 

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