Events, Events, Events: Vox Is Just So Cool! Episode #116

Have you ever just loved a new character so much, you didn’t care if he was a good guy or a bad guy?  I mean, have you seen this Vox guy?  He’s amazing, right?  Sure the writing isn’t too hot, and the art is questionable….but, this guy!!!  AMARIGHT?!?!  The mask, the red, the instrument of death?  He’s just so cool.  (You know he looks almost exactly like Black Bolt, right?)  No he doesn’t.  (Yes.  He.  Does.)  Why do you do this to me?  Why do you try to take away everything I always like?  (I’m just sayin’.)  I hate you.  (Whatever, man.  He’s a poor man’s Dark Hawk.)  You take that back!  (He looks like a mix between Kraven’s furry sweater vest and that time that Iron Man was around those knights.)  How dare you!!  (You know…now that I’m really looking at him, it’s like he’s trying to be a scary Creeper…that yellow guy from DC.)  I’LL KILL YOU!!!!

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