Almost the War of Realms: We Nearly Came to Blows! Episode #122

Maybe you were just cranky.  Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep.  (I don’t know, man.  I just didn’t like it.)  I know, I know.  But really that’s no reason for you to take it out on me.  So we didn’t both like the series.  What’s the big deal?  We can still be friends.  It’s not like we haven’t disagreed before.  (Yeah, but this time you made me sound almost unreasonable.  Like I was an idiot for not liking this book.)  There, there.  We all go through phases where we fly off the handle at tiny, insignificant little things that really don’t mean anything.  No one blames you for being irrational from time to time.  (See?!?!  Just there!  You make me seem like I’M the one that is ridiculous.)  Now, just calm down.  No one said you were being ridiculous…again.  (What was that?)  Nothing.  You know…I hate to say it, but we just recorded the show and issue 6 comes out the next day.  (I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!)

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