Coronavirus in Africa: Where is Colossus When You Need Him? Episode #126

This is a PUBIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT to everyone listening. (And reading.)  What? (Everyone listening to our podcast, but also everyone reading what you have typed here.) Listen, man, this is not the time to correct me, alright?  I’m trying to be serious here!  It is not a time to joke! (I’m not joking.  I’m trying to help you.  Listen, people are going to look at this and say, “wow, he wasn’t allowed to leave the house and he had so much time to write this and he STILL messed up on it.”)  I am too allowed to go out of the house.  I’m not even in America!  (Gotta be honest, bro, you’re not helping your case.  Maybe they kicked you out of the country, because you wouldn’t stay indoors.)  Have you lost your mind?  Are you crazy?  Are you one of those people with those big Dr. Suess hats sitting on mountains of toilet paper rolls with a carnival-themed plastic scepter in your hand–just laughing and laughing and laughing until you get the hiccups?  (I think you’ve lost the point of what you are talking about.)  No, sir!  No!  I know I have a point!  We are here to talk about the X-Men and the Legacy Virus…and Africa.  (I don’t think that’s right.)  I DON’T THINK YOU’RE RIGHT!!!  (You misspelled “public”.)

P.S. This episode was recorded almost 2 weeks ago and a LOT has changed since!

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