The Marvel Universe gets a Lightsaber; not the Star Wars kind!

It’s a fair statement that the lightsaber created by George Lucas for the Star Wars universe, is firmly in the Top 10 Greatest Fantasy/Sci-fi Weapons ever created! Almost any comic book fan has wondered what would happen if you put one of those things in the hands of somebody like Nightcrawler or a villain like Dr. Doom with that type of power?!

We have reached the point where that is now a reality! In Fantastic Four #41, the quartet visits the Shi’ar Galaxy to battle in the Reckoning Wars where Ben Grimm goes toe-to-toe with an individual named Rapture who is wielding two weapons that could definitely be described as a lightsaber.

Not much is yet known about the origins of these lightsaber-like energy blades but they seemed to have just as destructive powers, possibly being able to cut through vibranium as seen in issue #41 where the light sword destroys Ben’s wedding ring made from vibranium. Given that technology that the Reckoning is using was a gift from The Watcher that was abused by the group; this energy blade could be only the tip of the iceberg in the Reckoning’s arsenal.
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