Marvel Comics Celebrates Disney100 with Variant Covers

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The year 2023 will mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Walt Disney Company with the corporation planning numerous celebrations worldwide and a slew of exclusive products to help commemorate the anniversary.

One of those exclusive products will be a range of variant comic book covers from Marvel, that asks “What If!?” Disney’s most iconic characters starred in some of the most iconic comic book covers that Marvel has produced throughout their history.

The fun kicked off in January, and continues every month of 2023, with The Amazing Spider-Man #17 which will feature a variant cover that plays homage to the 1964 comic The Avengers #4, with Mickey Mouse taking on the role as Captain America, Goofy as Iron Man, and Donald Duck as The Mighty Thor.

Additional variant covers will accompany the release of The Amazing Spider-Man #19 in February and ASM #21 in March with some of Marvel’s other main comic book series continuing the celebration for the remainder of the year.

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