The Many Faces of Henry Pym

Hello M6P fans, and welcome to the first installment of The Many Faces of where we examine characters who have gone through more costume changes than Tina Turner in concert. Today we are starting with founding Avenger, Henry Pym. Let’s take a look at his many faces.

Dr. Pym

Our hero was born as Dr. Henry Pym (well, maybe he wasn’t born a doctor) and made his Marvel Comics debut in Tales to Astonish 27. After a few turns as different superheroes, he would return to plain old Dr. Pym as a member of The West Coast Avengers. Dr. Pym was his only identity that wasn’t used by anyone else, unless you count skrulls.


Henry Pym’s first turn as a Superhero was in Tales to Astonish 34 when he became Ant-Man. His time as Ant-Man was short lived but it would inspire 3 other men to take up the moniker. They are:

1. Scott Lang
2. Eric O’Grady
3. Zayn Ashgar


Giant-Man was Pym's second superhero identity, going from a miniature marvel to a, well, Giant Man. This identity was taken by two other heroes and they are:

1. Bill Foster
2. Raz Malhotra


Goliath was basically Giant Man in a new costume with a cooler name. However it was the identity that inspired the most followers, including:

1. Clint Barton- yes Hawkeye Clint Barton.
2. Bill Foster, his second appearance on the list Foster was also Black Goliath for a time giving him almost as many identities as his old lab partner.
3. Erik Josten
4. Tom Foster


Pym would encounter the most strife in his third superhero identity third identity. He would also inspire 2 villains in his namesake:

1. Rita Demara
2. Darren Cross


Henry Pym took inspiration from his long time wife and partner Janet VanDyne when he became the Wasp in her honor. Pym’s daughter Nadia would later take the title of the Wasp. So the order of Wasps

1. Janet VanDyne
2. Henry Pym
3. Nadia Pym


Ultron is a robot who was created by Henry Pym. Ultron would upgrade himself dozens of times over the years until finally merging with Pym to become the cyborg Ultron, Pym’s current identity. Those are the many faces of Henry Pym for now, who knows what his next identity may be.

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