Obscure Characters from the Marvel Universe: Orphan-Maker


Today we’re going to talk about orphans.

That’s right I said orphans. Or to be more specific, let’s take a look at another of the Marvel Universe’s unusual creations – The Orphan-Maker!

Who is the Orphan-Maker?

So all we know about this guy is his real name is Peter. That’s all we really have on the character thus far when it comes to an alias.


The way his history has been told thus far is Peter was held captive in an “orphanage” which was controlled by none other than Mister Sinister himself. Sinister used the orphanage for his genetic experimentation. He would later determine Peter was too unpredictable and had to go. The cyborg Nanny discovered Sinister’s plan and rescued Peter, turning him into the first of her Lost Boys (and Girls). Shortly later, the Nanny would give Peter a suite of armor along with the title, the Orphan-Maker. Under the Nanny’s guidance, Peter began to kill the parents of young mutants, orphaning them so the Nanny cold abduct them in order to keep them “safe” from society.

Throughout his tenure thus far, the Orphan-Maker has seen conflict with Cyclops and Jean Grey as well as other members of the X-Men. What’s interesting about this character is he has the potential for some great storylines,it just seems Marvel has yet fully figured out what to do with him yet, even though he’s been around since 1988’s X-Factor #31.

Major Appearances/Affiliations


X-Factor #35 (December 1988) #40 (May 1989)
The Uncanny X-Men #247-248 (August-September 1989)
#265-267 (August-September 1990
Generation X #2-4 (December 1994-February 1995)
Generation X Holiday Special #1 (February 1998)
Slingers #9 (August 1999)
Wolverine: Killing Made Simple #1 (October 2008)

But What Can He Do?

Orphan-Maker wears special armor which provides superhuman strength and resistance. He also carries energy wielding weapons.

Fun Fact

Orphan-Maker’s battle suite can actually reflect powerful energy blasts, including Cyclops’ beam!


He even has an action figure!




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