That’s right!

It’s officially M6P MARVEL MARCH MADNESS SEASON here at The M6P and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see who ends up coming out on top this year!

This year’s bracket was designed by M6P Art Editor John “Wonderkogs” Coughlin. Using oodles of Google data, FB posts from previous years’ contests, and wit with undaunting ingenuity; ol’ Kogs was able to create the masterpiece you see before you.

Behold…the 2023 M6P Marvel March Madness bracket!

Make Your Marvel March Madness picks here!


Also, don’t forget to check out The M6P’s first inaugural Marvel March Madness Fantasy Draft! We invited some of our top contributors to draft eight characters. The winner of this year’s M6P draft contest will be determined using a point system based on how far each character advances.

Here’s the recap on our picks!

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