Obscure Characters from the Marvel Universe: Captain Ultra


By Darrin Michael

Ladies and gentlemen today I’d like to introduce you to the funniest obscure Marvel character to date!

A former member of the Defenders as well as Wonder Man’s misguided Revengers, let’s all give a round of applause for Giffin Gogol, a.k.a. Captain Ultra!

Who is Captain Ultra?

captainultraGiffin Gogol started off as well…a plumber. It wasn’t until after a client who couldn’t afford to pay him and instead offered to cure his smoking habit via hypnosis, that Ultra would unlock his powers. Gogol would later learn the client was an extraterrestrial. He wold later don a colorful costume and take the mantle of Captain Ultra.

One of his earliest appearances was when he was an applicant to the supervillain team called the Frightful Four. The other three are initially impressed with Gogol’s newfound powers but when one lights up a cigarette to celebrate, Captain Ultra faints upon seeing the match. He then gets the boot.

Captain Ultra would later be recruited by Wonder Man to join his Revengers team. The Revengers end up trying to attack Avengers mansion but Dr. Strange casts a spell making Gogol believe he is on fire which in turn helps lead to the Revengers failing.

Major Appearances/Affiliations

– New Avengers Annual vol. 2 #1 (2011)
– Fantastic Four #177
– Defenders #62-64
– Thor #336
– Marvel Comics Presents #50
– Marvel Holiday Special 1993
– Iron Man vol. 4 #22
– Iron Man vol. 4 #24
– New Avengers Annual vol. 2 #1 (2011)
– Avengers Annual Vol. 4 #1

But What Can He Do?

Gogol’s powers came via hypnosis by an alien The powers include flight, superhuman strength, endurance, durability, and reflexes. He also gained the psionic ability to become intangible at will, see through substances (X-ray vision), and the ability to project his breath forward with great concussive force — among others.

char_78725Fun Fact

Captain Ultra once told an “Ultra-Joke”.


Captain Ultra has made cameos in both the Ultimate Spider-Man and Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes television series.

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