M6P #70: Guardians of the 616

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Guardians of the 616


By Andy Kirby


That’s Us!

I can’t wait for SDCC! Every year I stand on line (that’s in line on the internet…or if you are ‘across the pond’ it’s just on line–like ‘on que’)

“Why would they stand on a Chinese haircut?”

No, that’s ‘on queue.’

“That’s what I said, ‘on queue.'”

No, no, you said ‘on queue;’ I said ‘on que.’  You have too many vowels.

“You know that’s right! I vow this day to stand with thee in the midst of thine ordained conflict. To mend thee right and beseech thy every command.”


“I vow, thee good prince, to have at thine enemies from within and without. To stand hither and thither in the quick of battle and the heat of the queue–as we stand on line for thine tickets to enter thine dominion of nerd.”

THAT’S ENOUGH! Good grief, you ruin everything. I’m just trying to tell people about the news.

“I vow on the honor of my less than beauteous unwed sister, to not produce a noose that shall entangle they sublimous lock of hair…in a small oriental-style ponytail….you know, a queue!”


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And remember, until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!

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