Thanos is Not a Coward! I Don’t Care What You Think You Saw!

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Ok, so something has been irking me regarding some recent news stories surrounding the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie and it involves none other than the Mad Titan himself – Thanos.

TruGfpsXwODlFirst off, I like to say it’s far too early to make an accurate assumption regarding whether Josh Brolin will be a good Thanos or not. We just haven’t seen enough of him on screen yet. Personally, my biggest beef with the character so far is the fact his voice doesn’t sound very menacing. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always thought of Thanos as having this very low grumble of a voice, evil in tone, but a cold calmness in demeanor.

Whether or not Brolin will be able to pull Marvel’s proverbial evil villain role off is yet to be seen.

But anyways, returning to the matter at hand…

Today I’d like to talk about one scene in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie involving Thanos. It is a pivotal scene so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, then I suggest you stop reading right here.



The scene everyone is fired up about is when after finally acquiring the Power Gem (Yes it’s red in the comics and the one in the movie is purple, but James Gunn has plainly stated the stone in GOTG is the Power Gem – just in case you didn’t now.), Ronan the Accuser decides to betray Thanos as the Mad Titan looks on from a huge transmission screen. Consumed by the gem’s power Ronan keeps it for himself, even challenging Thanos. Thanos then abruptly signs out.

That’s right.


See you later.

Nice knowing you.

What apparently has all the Marvel fanatics in an uproar is the fact it appears Thanos backed down once Ronan took control of the Power Gem. I don’t however feel this is the case. In fact I think the exact opposite.

Thanos is angry. First off, he’s been scouring the galaxy looking for these stones. He’s tired and he’s grumpy. Second, his favorite daughter just betrayed him. Once Ronan betrays him, all bets are off. NOW HE’S REALLY MAD.

But, Thanos is cold and calculated. If fans expected to see him shout back the same way Ronan was shouting at him (like a raving lunatic) then it’s obvious those fans don’t know Thanos. Instead of losing his cool, he signs out. Make no mistake though, behind the scenes he was probably already setting loose his minions to go after Ronan.

Look folks. Actions speak louder than words and Thanos had nothing to say to the likes of Ronan. The Mad Titan has no time for him. He has bigger fish to fry in the universe.

For anyone doubting that Thanos will be the most terrifying Marvel movie villain ever, think again.

We’ve only seen the beginning.

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