M6P #72: Salvage Andy Kirby

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Salvage Andy Kirby


Right Next to the Wine Warehouse

Soooooo…I always come on here every time we put an episode out and just write whatever comes to mind and then try to link it to the show somehow. This little excerpt of my life truly is a glimpse into all that I hold dear as a person. This is my creative outlet, my ongoing work of nonfiction…my Mona Lisa, if you will. And that’s why things are going to change around here. Yep! Things…they are a-changin’. Yes, sir! A brand new day! I day of pondering and reflecting. A day of showing my true self to the world. A day of drinking from the fire-hose of inspiration, of sitting near the bush, of letting it all show through. Of living my life as an agent of the night. As a spector of things to come. As a man in white–riding on a care and a wing–roaming through the city with a straightened tie and a mask to show who I really am. Because the face I was born with is not who I am! The life I am living is NOT my life. It is the reverse of time and space as I am truly being REAL to you right now! My aspirations sit in stark review to the world.  I am the Jackie Dowsett Ballinger of my generation! I am the Jake Lockley of the century! It’s time I came out as who I truly am! I am Ferly Prado!!!

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And remember, until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!

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