M6P #73: Time Running Out to March to the Death of Wolverine

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A lot going on, right?

Now there’s really no good reason that we should keep reading comics.  Prices are skyrocketing, Wolverine is dying, time is running out, and Deadpool is jumping the shark with his own movie.  But, through sheer power of will, we march on toward a point of decision.  To the axis of this world and that.  Pure torture of our mind as our heroes come to the edge of their respective universes.  I can only tell you to “Hang On, True Believers!”  For this day is not the enemies.  NO!  This day is not for those of the Red Skull or his S-Men or the Hobgoblin or Nick the Furious or Morlun.  NO!  This day is ours!  For the reader and the patriot and the cub scout and the Houdini’s and the rest of this mad mad mad mad world!  For this day, time does NOT run out!  We are NOT on the edge of the universe!  We will NOT see Logan die!  And we will NOT hear the drumbeat of this march toward the mystery that is anarchy and fascism!  We will rise up on the wings and souls of those comic characters long forgotten.  For those Goliaths.  For those Jack of Hearts.  For those Swordsmen.  For those Mantises and Two-Gun Kids and Moondragons and Wonder Men and Starfoxes!!!!!  For YOU!  We stand for YOU!

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And remember, until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!

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