M6P #74: All Axis Pass

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M6P #74:  All Axis Pass

I can’t take all this action!

Boy oh boy! Can the Marvel editorial group throw some nonsense at us, or what? I’ve seen a lot of interesting things in my day, but nothing as meaninglessly action packed as a devil-horned Red Skull battling a newly winged Captain America for days on end while Magneto raises an army of very strange supervillains…you know, because the Sentinels that Tony Stark made that he didn’t know about can only fight super heroes (not villains).  Because…you remember…during Civil War, Tony made Sentinels….right?  RIGHT?  I don’t know, bro.  It sounds like it’s a mixture of retconning and contrivance.  Or maybe just a strange, poorly written event.  Not really sure which.  YOU DECIDE!

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