Infinity War: We Could Go On Forever – Episode #114

  My head is spinning. I can’t even get words together to form sentences right now. We watched the movie, we talked about the movie…but really…didn’t we just live the movie? Also…I think we are living it now and everyday … Continued

Battleworld Forecast: July 2015

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By Jon Durmin Buenos Dias Body Politic! With July we’ve got quite a nostalgia front coming in. That’s right we’ll have ’90s creators revisiting ’90s concepts on multiple new series mixed with a scattering of revival of Marvel’s most well-loved … Continued

616 Releases and Covers (07/01/2015)

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MARVEL COMICS APR150760 A-FORCE #2 SWA $3.99 APR150878 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #19.1 $3.99 APR150858 DARTH VADER #7 $3.99 APR150807 FUTURE IMPERFECT #2 SWA $3.99 MAY150720 GIANT SIZE LITTLE MARVEL AVX #2 SWA $3.99 MAY150787 GROOT #2 $3.99 MAY150791 GUARDIANS TEAM-UP #7 … Continued