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We got the rare treat this week to meet with the weather Goddess herself, Storm. Because she was coming to chat and we didn’t want to make it awkward, Producer Andy and I promised not to mention anything to Jarid so this could stay professional and no one would be sued for harassment.

Marvel 616 Politics – I’d like to thank Ms Munroe aka Storm for coming to talk with this us this week.

Storm – I’m happy to be here. Please, call more “Ororo.”

M6P – Ororor… Ororoooo…

Storm – Ororo.

M6P – Orror… Oooooorrrrrrrrr…

Storm – Please, call me “Mrs Munroe.”

M6P – Mrs Munroe, you have had a history of failed relationships. From driving one man so insane he rather die in an explosion than survive, to being involved in flooding your ex-husband’s country, and finally going on one date with Wolverine and then he died. Do you hate men?

Storm – To clear the air, Forge was crazy without my help, and I did not condone the attack on Wakanda. So I don’t hate men, no. Also, Forge is alive.

M6P – He is?

Storm – Yes, he didn’t die, and Cable cured him of his craziness. Somehow.

M6P – That seems awful convenient and poorly written. So, have you two mended your relationship? Is there any hopes of a future rekindling? And would you two go by “Form” or “Storge”?

Storm – Am I on TMZ? What kind of stupid questions are these?

M6P – I thought you knew I had no idea what I was doing. I’m barely literate.

Jarid – Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Storm!

M6P – Crap.

Storm – Do I know you?

Jarid – No, but I know you. You’re perfect, like drawn picture of Tina Turner!

M6P – Andy, did you tell him? I thought we weren’t going to tell him!

Producer Andy – I didn’t. I thought maybe you did.

Jarid – No one had to tell me. I can sense her. We’re connected, Storm.

Storm – This just became very awkward.

M6P – I’m sorry about this, but I think it proves my point from earlier.

Storm – This interview is over.

Jarid – Take me with you! Take me with you!

PA – I got this. I know how to calm Jarid down. This also works on my bunnies.

M6P– Andy! Stop drowning Jarid!

Storm – You are some strange little men.

Jarid – No! Don’t go, Storm! We could go by the couple name “Jaroro.”

M6P – Jarororor… Jaroreo…

Jarid – Jaroro.

M6P – Jaruroruro…

PA – Please stop. That wasn’t funny the first time.

Darrin – Hey guys! Can I be in one of these?

M6P – Sure. Well, that’s all the time we have for this week’s disaster of a 616 Interviews. See you next week!

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