M6P #75: 75th Anniversary

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75th Anniversary

Now the real fun begins!

You can’t imagine how often I sit back and fall into my comfortable day dreams about what could have been.  Oh, if only I had made this choice instead of that.  If Jarid had approached me about the podcast instead of the other way around.  If I had Jarid’s X-Men knowledge instead of my own skill of survival and astro-physics.  Where would I be?  As I sit and wonder, my dreams and aspirations always collide into one single thought.  Andy taking up the mantle of Jarid.  That’s right!  Much like the likeable and iconic Falcon naturally taking the role of the ‘Star-Spangled Hero,’ Andy is destined to become the carefree, amazing-haired, child-hating diva that is The Mayo!  Sure, listeners won’t like it for a while, but hey…SCREW ‘EM!  We need some change and we need to mash it down your throats!  You, the audience, will learn to love how I despise the nuisance of double-ply toilet paper.  And the agony of eating every two hours.  You will learn to enjoy the nuance of working on the Facebooks from the comfort of my well-loved, tush-impressioned couch!  I, The Andy Kirby, has now become your hero!  Now I will laugh at the minor errors of others and how they ‘accidentally’ break their children’s arms and must make the yearly trip to the ER.  I will be the one to scarf down the ice cream while flying high in a plane over a beach that I wish I were laying out at down below.  I will be the game-player with actual real-life friends that I can do out of this world things with–like go to a movie DURING the week!  Watch out world, a new hero has emerged from the wreckage of the old guard.  Now is the time!  NOW is the ALL-NEW M6P!!!  Now the real fun begins!!

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And remember, until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!

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