Thor Punishes the Cebulski – Episode #110

That’s Not Really True! Huge news!  Just huge!  That’s right.  Bendis has left Marvel never to return!  (We don’t know that.)  Thor, titled Thor 3 was the best movie in the universe!  (That’s not the title.)  Punisher is underwhelming and … Continued

M6P #90: The 2015 M6P Comic Awards

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The Only Awards that Matter! Every year it’s the same thing.  Blah blah blah…the Oscars.  Are they white?  Are they black?  Did enough women win?  Will the guy with the funny nose fall and straighten that nose out finally?  Will … Continued

M6P #84: A Big Squooshy Container

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  How explicit do you want me to get? I feel like a lot of these descriptions that (Jarid) writes are very misleading as to what the actual episode is about.  Let me be clear, although the title of today’s … Continued