If It Was A Movie: Spider-Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe Style)

inmovieWith the announcement just a few hours ago of Spider-Man’s inclusion into the larger MCU, it was also implied that this would also introduce us to a new Spider-Man. What does that mean? Well, if you’re Andrew Garfield it means the studio has potentially broke a contract which means a sweet payday with little work. If you’re a fan of the last two films, it means that sadly the best actor to wear the blue and red leotard is getting replaced. I’ll admit that I’m a bit in that camp. For all the faults of the last film, Garfield was an excellent choice. Now we have to find a new Spider-Man and potentially brace ourselves to see Uncle Ben shot dead for the third time in sixteen years (please, skip the origin Marny… that’s my Marvel/Sony ‘ship name).


The idea I think would work well for the next movie would be the Morlun/Ezekiel story line by Straczynski. His Thor story was tweaked for that movie, and when you read over his Spider-Man run it feels like a legitimate television season. He’s best known for writing TV and films so it makes sense his stories are easily translatable from comics to those mediums. Not only is it a wonderfully written story that would translate well, but it also introduces a mystical element to Spidey’s world that could easily involve a Doctor Strange cameo (as the comic story does also).

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man (duh) – Chandler Riggs
I know a lot of people will hate this, but Spider-Man started out as a high school student, so let’s get a high schooler to fill the role. Riggs has proven he’s a talented actor in the Walking Dead, and by the time filming starts he’d be seventeen which is really perfect. It’s also a role he could easily stick with into the Infinity War movies. It’d also be a good juxtaposition against the elder Avengers who he’d have to look up to and legitimately be torn if introduced in the Civil War movie.

peterparker chandlerpeterparker

Mary Jane Watson – Ariel Winter
She is best known for her comedic role as the nerdy sister on Modern Family, but her various other roles especially in voice acting prove she’s far more than a one trick pony. She’s also young enough to work with Chandler Riggs.

MaryJaneCamelot arielwintermaryjane

Aunt May Parker – Patricia Arquette
I know this may aggravate some since Patricia Arquette bears almost no resemblance to any incarnation of Aunt May, but time after time some of her best roles involve her in a matronly role. She’s won awards for acting like a mom, and isn’t that what Aunt May does? I’m not implying she doesn’t love Peter, but she’s acting like his mom. That’s why Patricia Arquette would be a strong choice.

227-1 patrauntmay

Uncle Ben Parker – Steve Carell
Hopefully in a flashback only, Steve Carell could do an amazing job in a short and quick moment to relay the “With great power…” message. Carell has shown in his more indie roles an ability to be endearing, empathetic, and not just a silly comedian. Hopefully, again, this would be a short and sweet flashback without us having to relive the tragedy yet once again.

2724311-406px-Ben_parker steve

J Jonah Jameson – JK Simmons
This guy is possible the greatest comic book casting ever. EVER! So bring him back. Let him shine, and give him a larger role in the film.

jjj1 jksimmons

Ezekiel – Gary Oldman
Yeah, I cast him in everything, but he could seriously be perfect in this role. He’s old enough that a young Spider-Man could easily get confused and trust him.

1778770-1269184_ezekiel_tasm Gary-Oldman-with-Blue-Eyes-57233

Morlun – Jake Gyllenhaal
Gyllenhaal has proven time and time again that he is an actor with a wide range of talents and has once or twice even dipped his toe into action roles. I can’t think of anyone better to bring this evil but classy villain to life.

morlun jakegy

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