Top 10 Tuesday: New Avengers

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The New Avengers came together after the events of Avengers Disassembled. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with artists like David Finch and Leinil Francis Yu, this team introduced many street level heroes to the ranks of the Avengers. While the New Avengers did include favorites like Iron Man, Captain America and Ms. Marvel, this list consists of heroes who made a name for themselves as NEW Avengers, and not before as we’ve all read top 10 Avengers lists with Captain America claiming the top spot (as he should). So without further ado Here are your Top 10 New Avengers.

  1. Ronin


Ronin debuted as a mystery character. Is it Daredevil? No. Iron Fist? No. Hawkeye? Not yet.

   We knew it was an existing Marvel Character, but we didn’t know which one. We found out it was Echo. Who? Echo. Wha…Who? Echo, you know, the deaf girl who looks like J-Lo after she got slapped by the Dutch-Boy? Oh Echo.

Echo was Ronin for like 5 minutes before she quit. When Ronin returned, it was Clint Francis Barton under the mask. That’s right Hawkeye ! You got Hawkeye using nunchucks and katanas, and not being Hawkeye because he doesn’t want to hurt Kate Bishop’s feelings. That’s a hero and that’s Ronin!

  1. The Thing


The Ever-Lovin blue eyed Thing felt right at home on the New Avengers. He joined during the Heroic Age, when things were looking up for our heroes. What better character to join a street level superhero team than a guy made of cobblestone? The New Avengers didn’t care how many teams you belonged to, so the Thing was able to split time between the NA and the FF.

8. The Sentry


Ol’ Robbie Reynolds was just hanging out minding his own business, locked up on The Raft high security super prison. Captain America and the New Avengers come along, and they’re like, ” Hey you’re a super crazy super powerful lunatic, why don’t you join our team?” So the Sentry says “can I rip people in half?” That’s how Sentry became a New Avenger. True Story.

7. Jessica Jones


Like all great super teams the New Avengers became a family. Jessica played the role ofthe  short tempered, foul mouthed, super strong mother. Who can’t relate to that? Jessica probably would have been higher on the list but having a newborn baby kept her sidelined quite often. It also made her a realistic and relatable character. Plus we got to see the best nanny since Fran Drescher, Squirrel Girl!

6. Iron Fist


When Civil War broke out, it changed the New Avengers. They became the outlaw team lead by Captain America that teamed up with heroes who refused to register. Danny Rand came by with lots of money and some awesome fighting skills and said “How can I help?” From that point on Iron Fist became an integral part of the new Avengers.

5. Dr.Strange


Dr.Strange is a character who’s been around for a long time. After splitting time in Strange Tales with Nick Fury, he went on to have his own series on a number of occasions, but they never really took off. He wasn’t a good fit for the classic Avengers, but fit right in with the New Avengers. He played the role of the creepy uncle who knew a lot of magic tricks. Bendis even depowered him by taking the title of Sorcerer Supreme away for a while, making him more relatable and vulnerable than he’s ever been.

  1. Spider-ManSpiderman-Reboot

Spider-Man was always too busy to be an Avenger. On the New Avengers there’s no such thing as too busy (ask Wolverine). As a New Avenger Peter Parker got to live in Avengers Tower, get paid, have Tony Stark design his suit, get caught in the middle of a civil war, stop getting paid, find out his friends are aliens, join the Future Foundation, and you know, stay busy.

  1. WolverineWolverine B&Y1

Y’know who loves “New” teams? Wolverine. New X-Men? check. New Fantastic Four? check. New Avengers? You know old Logan wasn’t going to miss out on that. Here’s another case of a guy who wouldn’t fit with the old Avengers, but was an integral part of the new team in every incarnation.

2. Spider-Woman/Veranke


Jessica Drew wasn’t really Jessica Drew for the first half of her New Avengers run. The pretty lady in the picture above is really just a scaly green-skinned weird chinned alien queen. After the Secret Invasion we got the real Spider-Woman back, and she made it her mission to prove herself to the rest of her team. Spider-Woman was never as popular as she was in the New Avengers, and it was this book that created a surge in popularity that eventually led to her getting her own comic.

1. Luke Cage

Luke Cage2

Sweet Christmas! Look who the number 1 New Avenger is! When the New Avengers launched Luke Cage was an outdated hero who made occasional appearances in books like Alias and Daredevil; books that Bendis would write. By the end of the New Avengers he was a husband, a father and the team leader. The overarching story of the New Avengers is a Luke Cage story as much as anything else.

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