Who Is Star-Lord’s Father?

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are you my father

If you’ve seen the Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy you probably asked yourself “Who is Star-Lord’s Father?” You may have asked other people too. Maybe a Google search of that question may have lead you to this article. You have come to the right place, because I’ve figured it out. In the aforementioned film we get several clues as to who Peter’s  father may be. Peter’s mother refers to his father as an angel when she is on her deathbed. Yondu on the other hand thinks the guy is a jackass. Who could match both descriptions? What other clues do the movie and its filmmakers offer?  Let’s take a look at some possible answers.


If you are a comic book aficionado you may think you know the answer, however Marvel Studios and James Gunn have that the movie will not follow the comics regarding Star-Lord’s father. For the two J’son Quill fans out there, I am sorry to disappoint you but, as Maury Pauvich would say, ” Spartax is not the father.”


There are many fan theories throughout the Internet suggesting an already established movie character will be the father. While having someone like Yondu or the Collector would be a dramatic reveal, James Gunn has said that Star-Lord’s father is not about the reveal but the relationship between he and Peter. Add to that the fact that the studio has been talking to big name actors like Kurt Russell and Al Pacino, I think it is safe to assume that Star-Lord’s dad will be someone who hasn’t yet appeared in the movies.


There are many Marvel Universe characters that could fit nicely into this role, the first of them being Adam Warlock. He’s a major player in Marvel’s cosmic books. He has strong ties to the Infinity Stones, which we know will be featured in Phase 3 of the MCU. Could he be Star-Lord’s dad? He could, but his personality and backstory would have to be changed. Warlock was originally created in a lab by a group of scientists called the Beehive. The Nova Corps told Star-Lord he is a hybrid of human and an ancient alien race. If the movie keeps Warlock’s back story the same as the comics then he cannot be Star-Lord’s father.


Another popular theory is Starhawk. This theory makes more sense than Warlock because he physically matches Meredith Quill’s description – an angel, and he is kind of a jackass as Yondu describes him. However, he has the same problem as Warlock; Starhawk doesn’t belong to an ancient alien race. He is the son of the hero Quasar, and Kismet who was also created in a lab by the Beehive. This would make Star-Lord the Grandson of Quasar and the nephew (kind of) of Adam Warlock. That seems like too many characters to introduce in the sequel. There’s also the problem of Starhawk sharing a body with his wife. I’m pretty sure she would get upset about him impregnating an earth woman while he was in control of the body.


Ruling out the other options, I believe Star-Lord’s father is Starfox, Eros of Titan. I know it;s not the most exciting reveal but remember James Gunn said its not about the reveal. For those of you who don’t know who that is, let me explain why he makes perfect sense. Starfox is an Eternal of Titan, which makes him a member of an ancient alien race. His brother is a guy named Thanos, you may remember him as the big bad guy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His hobbies include seducing women all over the galaxy, and once in a while playing the hero. His power set includes a form of super persuasion which might make him appear angelic. Watch Guardians of the Galaxy again and take note of how many times Peter Quill talks himself out of a bad situation. Why didn’t Drax and the other inmates kill him? Why did these five heroes team up against their better instincts? Why didn’t the Ravagers eat him? Is Peter Quill that charming, or does he posses the same powers as his father? We aren’t talking about Killgrave power levels here but he basically stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain, making you like him i.e. he’s charming.


Now you know, Star-Lord is Starfox’s son, which makes him the nephew of Thanos, and kind of cousins with Gamora. This could explain why their romance did not blossom in the first movie. It’s possible that Star-Lord unknowingly used his powers to bring the Guardians of the Galaxy together which could make for some interesting drama in the sequel. Does Peter know he has these powers, or has he been using them subconsciously? We’ll have to wait until 2017 to find out for sure.


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