Top 10 Tuesday: Superhero Rivalries

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Rivalries seem to be all the rage these days. Whether it’s Cap and Iron Man, Daredevil and Punisher, or some other guys from the distinguished competition, superheroes just can’t seem to get along. Throughout the history of Marvel there have been some heroes who could never get along. These rivalries range from playful to deadly. In today’s top 10 we’ll  explore the ten fiercest rivalries in the history of Marvel.

Honorable Mentions:

Spider-Man and The Human Torch

Cable and Deadpool

Captain America and U.S.Agent


10. The Thing and The Human Torch


Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm may be teammates but that doesn’t mean that they always get along. If Reed and Sue are the parents in the FF family dynamic, then that makes Ben and Johnny the kids, and that’s how they act with each other. Their constant bickering, and sometimes full blown fighting are a major part of what makes the Fantastic Four great, and a perfect example of a friendly rivalry.

9. Wolverine and Cyclops


It’s funny how this rivalry has come full circle. What started because Wolverine was too wild and hard edged for Cyclops ended with Cyclops teaching young mutants in a style that was too wild and hard edged for Wolverine. Either way, these two never liked each other very much. Throw into the mix that they both loved the same woman and it’s no mystery why these two couldn’t get along.

8. Rogue and Ms.Marvel


Before Rogue knew how to slightly control her powers, she attacked Ms.Marvel. This resulted in her permanently stealing all of Ms.Marvel’s powers as well as her memories.  Ms. Marvel did not like that very much and the next time they met Ms.Marvel punched Rogue into orbit using her Binary powers. Since then they have gotten along a little better but still duke it out every once in a while.

7. Cable and Bishop


Cable and Bishop might have the best reason to hate each other on this list. In Cable’s future, Hope Summers is the savior of mutantkind. In Bishop’s future, Hope is a the Anti-Christ of mutantkind. Cable is dedicated to protecting Hope at all costs, while Bishop believes the only way to save his future is to kill her. You can see how that might put these two at odds with one another.

6. Hulk and Wolverine


Ever since Wolverine first appeared in Incredible Hulk #181, these two have been fighting. Both of these guys would benefit from some anger management classes. Anytime they get together you can forget about letting cooler heads prevail, because they don’t have a cool head between them.

5. Thor and Hercules


If you’ve ever seen two dogs playing you’ll understand the relationship between Hercules  and Thor. Are they fighting? Are they playing? Why is he growling? Trading blows for these two is like shaking hands, it’s what they do, and they’ve been doing it for thousands of years.

4. Daredevil and Punisher


Matt Murdock and Frank Castle would probably be good friends if Frank didn’t like killing criminals so much. This rivalry boils down to one question; to kill or not to kill? Daredevil believes everyone deserves a second chance, while the Punisher believes the guilty need to be eliminated. It doesn’t look like Frank or Matt will be changing their minds any time soon, so expect this rivalry to keep going for a while.

3. Sub-Mariner and Human Torch


Publishing wise this is the oldest superhero rivalry going, and it could be considered the start of the Marvel Universe. It’s as simple as fire vs. water. Namor McKenzie and Jim Hammond have been duking it out since 1940; the first time Marvel Characters from different books crossed over. The irony here is that it’s usually Namor who is the real hothead in this rivalry.

2. Captain America and Iron Man


For years these two were great friends. Captain America represents freedom and Iron Man represents security. Their rivalry examines the real life issue of how much freedom Americans should give up in order to ensure their safety. The rivalry places high on this list because it caused virtually  every hero in the Marvel universe to choose a side therefore creating rivalries beyond their own and costing the lives of some.

1. Hulk and Thing


The Hulk and the Thing is the greatest rivalry in Marvel Comics. Ever since their first meeting these two had to prove who was strongest. The pure and epic slugfests that they have endured are what make comics great. They’re both too hard headed, figuratively and literally  to give up or admit defeat, which leads to a knock down drag out brawl almost every time they encounter one another.

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